Technical data

  • It combines elements of modern electronics with the established and standardized components.
  • Parallel processing
  • Robust modular system.
  • Service software works on three operation systems:
    • Windows 32bit and 64bit including old versions
      (tested on Windows XP and Windows 98).
    • GNU/Linux 32bit a 64bit
    • Mac OS X (not tested)
  • For the operation of the program on the computer there is the need Java runtime enviroment verze 1.6
    older version of Java 1.6 for old Windows (example Windows 98)
  • Driver is necessary to be installed for the device with the receiver when the device is connected in USB port.
  • The range in free space is up to 600 meters.
  • The working of the device was tested in temperatures between – 20°C to + 40°C.
  • The program saves the data into internal embedded database. The program can export the data from the database to the file of the CSV format which can be then comfortably imported to MS Office Excel, to OpenOffice Calc or to other program.
  • The USB A-mini cable is necessary for connecting the device to the computer. (not included)
  • Three AA batteries of 1,5 V are necessary for each sensor. (not included)
  • Low battery status indication
  • Thermometer accuracy ±0.5°C, resolution hundredths
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